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Thriving in Ethical Non-monogamy

Ethical non-monogamy can be a confusing buffet of emotions, boundaries, needs, values, dynamics, and relationship styles. How do we navigate our new found choices amid an ever changing landscape? And who can we look to for real-time support and encouragement on the fringes of society? This group is for people who are new or experienced in ethical non-monogamy who want to engage in a safe space to explore and discuss their experience with ethical non-monogamy. This weekly interpersonal process group will focus on interpersonal themes including but not limited to relationship styles, attachment styles, relationships by design, division of labor in relationships, jealousy, fear of abandonment, self-esteem, relationships with metamours, healthy communication, healthy conflict, toxic monogamy, sexuality, community building, allocating time and creating schedules, and parenting.

This group aims to assist its participants with:
● Increasing ability to show up more fully and authentically in relationships
● Destigmatizing ethical non-monogamy and normalizing relationship challenges through community support
● Developing insight and confidence to move through conflict and towards more meaningful connections
● Developing a deeper sense of yourself and your needs, boundaries, and values
● Learning to expand systems of support to better meet needs emotionally, monetarily, sexually, intellectually, creatively, and domestically
● Better navigating some of the challenging territory inherent in ethical non-monogamy
● Increasing self-awareness, empathy, motivation, self-regulation, and social skills
● Increasing communication skills grounded in empathic attunement


6:00 till 7:30 PM 


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Meeting the Moment: A TGNC Meditation Group

Meeting the Moment meets online weekly to support the TGNC community in developing intimacy with life through meditation practice and sharing. The group is non-denominational and runs on a generosity/free basis. You're welcome to offer a donation that will support other LGBTQ+ wellness programming but it is not required to attend.


This group is currently on a break


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Exploring Gender: A TGNC Process Group

This group is for people who want to engage in a safe space to explore and discuss their gender identity/expression. This weekly interpersonal process group will focus on interpersonal themes, including but not limited to: deconstructing gender, managing relationships, building a community, developing self-compassion, discussing sexual and mental health concerns, and much more.


5:30 till 7:00 PM


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